Stop 4: George Annable

George Annable

George Annable

Grave #2345

24 year old George Annable died on January 20, 1862, his dead highlighted in the regimental history of the 12th New Hampshire:

Little is known of the birth and parentage of this higher type of manhood and true Christian, except he was born in Canada East, in 1838, his father and family moving into the states some time after. At the age of seven, then weighing only forty pounds, he went to live with Capt. Parker Howe, of Holderness, where he remained most of the time until his enlistment, and is remembered by the family as a “good boy and a good Christian.”  He was in the battle of Fredericksburg, although taken prisoner before on the march to Falmouth, but soon exchanged.  He died from the effect of measles, closing his own eyes, and lay dead on his cot with his fingers on his eye lids, and a beautiful smile on his countenance; a complete victory of the Christain solder over a worse than rebel foe.

George's mother, Matilda Moulton, applied for a Mother's Pension after his death.  51 years old and twice widowed, she could request a pension because George left no wife or children behind as dependents.