Stop 4: Tilghman Jacoby

Jacoby Grave

Jacoby grave.

Grave #5830

Tilghman Jacoby of the 128th PA Infantry died just after midnight on February 20, 1863.  The eighteen year old had been unwell with dysentery for months before it suddenly turned into typhoid fever right before his death.  Comrades and hospital staff prepared his body to send it home to the wife Jacoby had married only a few weeks before enlisting.  Catherine did not collect the body from its temporary burial at Aquia Landing because she gave birth to their only son, Charles Tilghman Jacoby, just five days before Tilghman died.  Catherine received a widow’s pension of $8 per month until she remarried to her late husband’s younger brother, Milton, who had served with the 209th PA Infantry in the Petersburg Campaign.