Stop 7: Amdol L. Jett and Amdol G. Jett

Jett Grave

This headstone is double-sided for the father and son buried here.

Grave #6742

If you look at grave #6742 you will notice that it is double sided; each side of the headstone contains the information of a different soldier.  This is because Amdol L. Jett and his son, Amdol Glorial Jett, are buried in the same grave.  Amdol L. Jett served as private first class in Co. K of the 318 Infantry, 80 Division in the United States Marine Corps.  He survived his service and lived until 1940.  His son, Amdol Glorial Jett, served with the 21 Marines, 3rd Division during World War II.  He died March 1, 1945 on Iwo Jima when he deliberately exposed himself to draw enemy fire in order to locate the enemy gun positions.  The directions he called back before his death enabled Marine gunners to score a direct hit on an enemy position.  His mother and two sisters lost both their husband and father, son and brother within five years of each other.