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(1174) Abbott, Henry.  Private.  Co.E, 32 Maine  Age-18  Born-Rumford, ME.  Occupation-Farmer.  Enlisted 7 March, 1861 at Rumford.  Mustered in 10 March, 1864 at Augusta for three years.  Wounded by a gun shot in head while on picket duty 31 May, 1864 at Totopotomy Creek, VA.  Mustered out 15 July, 1865.  Wound caused one-half permanent disability and after war complained that "any quick motion of his head produces giddiness and that his memory is impaired."    Married Hattie H. Morse on 1 December, 1871 and divorced on the second Tuesday of March, 1879. Died 27 November, 1916 at National Soldier's Home in Augusta, Maine (NASR).  Originally buried at Harris's Farm, Spotsylvania (ROH).*One of three buried in grave..others are William Danford and J. Barry. *At this time there seems to be some confusion about this person.  Archive files indicate that he survived the wound and died in 1916.  However, the original cemetery roster indicates that he died in 1864.

(3305) Abell, J.S.  Captain.  9 OH.  Died May, 1864. Originally buried at Mitchell's Farm, Spotsylvania       (ROH).  (ROH has Abel, ____)

(1181) Acherman, Harrison. Or Ackerman Private. Co.B, 51 PA. Joined 16 Sept.1861.  Occupation: Laborer. Re-enlisted on Jan.1,1864. Died 16 May, 1864.  Killed at Spotsylvania Court House. Originally buried at Allsop's Farm, Spotsylvania. (ROH).

(2010) Adams, John.W.  Private. Mechanic.  Co.D, 76 NY.  Age-32. Enlisted at Tyrone NY to serve three years.  Mustered in as a private 23 Dec., 1863.  Killed in action 5 May, 1864at the Wilderness (SR).  Originally buried at Sanford’s Farm. Spotsylvania (ROH).  

(3060) Adams, William. Age 24. Farmer. Drafted 16 July 1863. Private. Co.I, 61 PA.  Killed in action 6 May 1864. Originally buried at Wilderness Battlefield, Spotsylvania (ROH). 

(5647) Agan, John.  Private. Co.A, 119 NY.  Died 22 January, 1863.  Originally buried at Marlboro Point. *Reg. Roster does not list a John Agan who died but one that mustered out.

(1157) Aiken, Samuel.  Private.  (ROH has Aken, S.) Co.H, 1 Mass. Art.  Age-37. Occupation--Stonemason.  Killed 19 May, 1864, at Spotsylvania (SR).  Originally buried at Allsop's Farm, Spotsylvania (ROH).

(5040) Akerly, John R.  Private.  Co. H., 107 N.Y.  Age-18.  Enlisted July 25, 1862 at Montour to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. H., August 1, 1862; died of typhoid fever, February 25, 1863, at Hope Landing, Va.; also known as"Akerley". Originally buried at Hope Farm. *Original roster lists Rackerly of Co.H 187? NY Infantry.

(4059) Akers, William. C. Private. Co. A 84 PA. Age 18. Born in PA. Student. Mustered in December 1861. Wounded at Chancellorsville. Re-enlisted. Died of wounds near US Ford in action at battle near Spotsylvania Court House 12 May, 1864.

(6000) Akin, Andrew.  Private. 69th PA Vol.  Died 1863. Originally buried at Arnold's Farm, Stafford (ROH).

(296) Alexander, James M. Private. Co.A. 36 MA, Res. Blackstone Age 21.  Occupation Farmer.   Enlisted 11 Aug. 1862 Mustered in 27 Aug. 1862.  Killed 12 May 1864 at Spotsylvania. (SR). Originally buried at Beverly’s Farm, Spotsylvania.

(996) Alexander, John S. Private. 6 MA Died 12 May, 1864 at Spotsylvania. Originally buried at Beverly’s Farm, Spotsylvania. (ROH) Original roster says buried at the McCoull’s farm.

(1424) Alger, D.B. Private. Co I PA. Died 22 Dec. 1862. Orignially buried at Falmouth, Stafford.  Y (ROH)

(5587) Allen, Alexander.  Private  Co.K 84 NY.  Enlisted 10 Aug. 1861 at Brooklyn for three years.  Mustered in 21 Aug. 1861. Wounded 28 April 1863 while on skirmishing previous to crossing the Rappahannock River 4 miles below Fredericksburg.  Died of wounds 9 May, 1863. (SR) Originally buried at Fitzhugh’s Farm. (ROH)

(4212) Allen C.P. Private Co.D 20 ME. Died Dec. 1862.  Originally buried at Miss A. Fitzhugh’s Farm. Stafford.(ROH) *Cannot place him on the 20th ME roll.

(541) Allen, Ira. T. Private Co.F, 20 IN. Died May 12, 1864 of wounds received May 5, 1854. Originally buried at McCoull’s Farm. Spotsylvania. (ROH)

(4870) Allen, Hamilton.  Private.  Co.G 84 NY.  Age 21 Enlisted at Brooklyn to serve three years and mustered in 15 Dec. 1863Killed in action 8 May, 1864 at Piney Church. (SR) Originally buried at Sanford’s Farm, Spotsylvania. (ROH)

(3286) Allen, Levi C.  Private.  Co.D, 6 VT.  Res-Coventry. Enlisted 1 Aug., 1862, Mustered in 15 Sept., 1862.  Died 5 May, 1864 of wounds received same day (SR). Originally buried at Cook's Farm, Spotsylvania  (ROH). 

(1836) Allen, P.S.  Private.  Co.C, 69 PA.  Died March, 1863. Originally buried in Falmouth, Stafford (ROH).

(2194) Allen, Samuel J.  Private.  Co.C, 17 VT.  Res.-Hyde Park, VT. Age-42  Enlisted 24 Dec., 1863.  Mustered in 2 March, 1864.  Killed in action 12 May, 1864.  "In the fighting around the Brock-Orange Plank Roads intersection had been  a father and two sons from a family with its roots in Stowe [VT].  The father was shot in the leg on 5 May and died 11 days afterward.  One son came through the battle unscathed.  His brother was hit in the chest and died on 12 May.  The father's name was Samuel Allen, the  surviving son was Ethan Allen, the dead son Ira Allen (Full Duty: Vermonters in the Civil War p. 242).

(3975) Allen, William E. (Headstone and ROH have E.W., but Reg. Hist. Has William E.) Occupation-Miller Private. Listed as a substitute.  Co.L, 83 NY. Age-23.  Enlisted at Malone, NY to serve three years. Mustered in 24 July, 1863.  Killed in action 6 May, 1864 in the Battle of the Wilderness.(Reg).  Originally buried on Wilderness Battlefield, Spotsylvania (ROH). 

(5334) Allen, William.  Private.  Co.A, 1 MA Cav.  Res.-Springfield.  Age-21  Occupation-Teamster.  Enlisted and Mustered in 15 Aug., 1862.  Died of disease 28 Dec., 1862 at Potomac Creek (SR).Orignial roster show date of death as 20, Dec. 1862.  Originally buried at Alexander's  Farm, Stafford (ROH).

(6145A) Allison, Alexander.  2nd Lieutenant.  Co.C, 96 PA. Mustered in 23 Sept., 1861 for three years.  Promoted from 1st Sergeant 1 May, 1863.  Died 5 May of wounds received at Chancellorsville 3 May, 1863 (SR).Originally buried at Carson’s farm.

(4677B) Alsop, Charles Edward.  Mess. Attn. U.S. Navy  Died 28  Sept., 1930.  African-American.

(2903) Alton, Pulaski V.  Lieutenant.  Co.G, 64 NY.  Age-21. Enlisted 14 Sept, 1861 at Wellsville for three years. Mustered in as Sergeant 5 Oct., 1861.  Promoted 1st Sergeant 7 July, 1862; 2nd Lt. 12 Sept., 1862; Mustered in as 1st Lt. 14 Aug., 1863.  Killed in action 12 May, 1864 at Spotsylvania.  Named to New York Roll of Honor 20 Nov., 1865 for gallant and meritorious services (Reg).   (Not in ROH.)

(2850) Ambrose, Robert P.  Private. Co.G, 108 NY  Age-26. Enlisted at Rochester to serve three years.  Mustered in 5 Aug., 1862.  Promoted Corporal, no date.  Wounded in action 10 May, 1864 at Laurel Hill.  Died of wounds 14 May, 1864 at Fredericksburg (Stone states "1863") (SR). Originally buried at Episcopal Churchyard, Fredericksburg  (ROH).

(5434) Ames, ______ (AJ Report has "Ames, Harlow").  Private.  Co.D, 23 NY.  Age-19.  Enlisted 6 May, 1861 at Corning for two years.  Mustered in 16 May, 1861.  Died of disease 24 March, 1863 at Regimental Hospital in Belle  Plain (HR).  Originally buried at Brown's Farm, Spotsylvania (ROH).

(2616) Ames, Newton.  Private. US Vol.  Died 1863.  Originally buried at Primmer's Farm, Stafford (ROH).

(6645) Ammerman, Cornelius.  Corporal.  Co.A, 38 NJ.  Enlisted 13 Sept., 1864.  Promoted Corp. 19 Nov., 1864 (SR).  Died 29 April, 1903.

(3601) Anderson, James.  Private.  Co.E, 8 OH.  Age-20.  Enlisted 25 June, 1861 for three years.  Killed 24 May, 1864 in Battle of North Anna River (SR).  Originally buried at Foxe's Farm, Spotsylvania (ROH).

(4589) Anderson, Thomas.  Private.  Co.B, 143 PA.  Mustered in 26 Aug., 1862.  Died 27 March, 1863 (SR).  Originally buried at Beverly's Farm, Spotsylvania (ROH).

(5722) Andrews, Alsinus.  Sergeant.  Co.H, 111 PA.  Mustered in 18 Dec., 1861 for three years.  Died at Aquia Creek 21 Feb., 1863 (SR).  Originally buried at Marlboro Point, Stafford (ROH).

(5370) Andrews, F.  Private.  Co.A,____.  Died 12 Feb., 1863. Originally buried at Marlboro Point, Stafford (ROH).

(4879) Andrews, Samuel.  Private.  Co.C, 155 PA.  Mustered in 22 Aug., 1862.  Killed at Laurel Hill 9 May, 1864 (SR). Originally buried at Sanford's Farm, Spotsylvania (ROH)

(772)  Angell, Oscar F.  Captain.  Co.D, 10 N.Y.  Age-26  Born-New York State.  Occupation-Soldier.  Enlisted 27 April, 1861 at New York City.  Mustered in as First Sergeant Co.A, to serve three years.  Reduced to Sergeant 16 February, 1862.  Captured 27 June, 1862 at Gaines Mills, VA; paroled 4 October, 1862.  Mustered in as 2nd Lt. Co.G, 1 January, 1863; Transferred to Co.D 29 April, 1863; Mustered in as 1st Lt. 18 June, 1863; Mustered in as Captain 3 March, 1864.  Wounded at Spotsylvania 10 May, 1864; Killed in action 14 May, 1864 at Laurel Hill, VA (NASR). (see regt. history entry about personality &  death.  Cowtan, page 264.)

(2345) Annable, George M ("C. M." on FVC roster).  Private.  Co.E, 12 N.H.  Age-24  Born Eaton, Canada East.  Occupation-Farmer.  Enlisted 20 August, 1862 at Holderness, N.H. to serve three years.  "Little is known of the birth and parentage of this higher type of manhood and true Christian, except he was born in Canada East in 1838, his father and family moving into the States some time after. At seven, then weighing only 40 pounds, he went to live with Captain Parker Howe, of Holderness, N.H., where he remained most of the time until his enlistment, and is remembered by the family as a 'good boy and a good Christian'.  He was in the Battle of Fredericksburg, although taken prisoner before on the march to Falmouth, but soon exchanged. He died from the effects of measles on 20 January, 1863,      closing his own eyes, and lay dead on his cot with his fingers on his eyelids, and a beautiful smile on his countenance; a complete victory of the Christian soldier over a worse than rebel foe (12th N.H. Regimental History).Originally buried at Primmers farm."

(6694) Anthens, Walter H. Private.  Co.C,  329 Inf.  83 Div.  Died 9 Dec., 1927.

3037) Anthony, Stephen.  Private.  Co.K, 35 PA.  Mustered in 29 May, 1861 for three years.  Killed at Spotsylvania Court House. 12 May, 1864 (SR).  Originally buried at G. Weller's Farm, Spotsylvania (ROH)

(4587) Apgar, Isaac.  Private.  Co.G, 15 NJ.  Enlisted 28 May, 1862.  Died of Chronic diarrhea at White Oak Church,  Stafford, 12 April, 1863 (HR).

(3670) Archer,  William.  Corporal.  Co.H, 20 IN.  Died 12 May, 1864.  Originally buried at McCoull's Farm, Spotsylvania  (ROH).

Arms, Harlow.  (See Ames, ____) 

(1990) Armstrong, Charles.  Corporal.  Co.K, 67 NY.  Age-31. Enlisted 4 June, 1861 at New York City for three years. Mustered in as Private 24 June, 1861.  Promoted Corp. 1 June, 1863.  Re-Enlisted as a veteran 25 Dec., 1863. Killed in action 6 May, 1864 at Wilderness (SR).  Originally buried at Laurel Hill Farm, Spotsylvania      (ROH).

(2472) Armstrong,  Thomas.  Private.  Co.C, 100 PA.  Mustered in 27 Feb., 1864 for three years.  Killed at Spotsylvania Court House 13 May, 1864 (SR).  Originally buried at Beverly's Farm, Spotsylvania (ROH).

(5759) Armstrong,  William.  Private.  Co.A, 135 PA.  Mustered in 14 Aug., 1862.  Died 7 March, 1863 (SR).  Originally buried at McCarty's Farm, Stafford (ROH).

(5797) Armstrong, William H.  Private.  Co.E, 62 NY.  Died 23 March, 1863.  Originally buried Sullivan's Farm, Stafford  (ROH).

(3039) Arnold, G.E. (ROH has Arnold, A.  SR has Arnold, Gashem.) Private.  Co.H, 126 OH.  Age-18.  Enlisted 21 Aug., 1862, for three years.  Killed 12 May, 1864 at Spotsylvania (SR).  Originally buried at McCoull's Farm, Spotsylvania (ROH). Arnold, A.  Private. *Note this is one of three listed for this grave site. Others buried there are..A. Pollock and Thomas Harvey  or Hervey.  

(2492) Atkinson, Boyd E.  (ROH has B.A.)  Private.  Co.G, 140 PA. Mustered in 22 Aug., 1862.  Killed 3 May, 1863, at Chancellorsville (SR).  Originally buried at Chancellorsville, Spotsylvania County (ROH).*One of two buried in grave…..other person is William Donaldson.

(610)  Atkinson, Robert.  Private.  Co.K, 1 MA H.Art.  Res-Lawrence.  Age-20.  Occupation-Operative.  Enlisted and mustered in 5 May, 1861.  Killed 19 May, 1864 at Spotsylvania (SR).  Originally buried at Allsop's Farm, Spotsylvania (ROH).

(1651) Atwood, A. E.  Private.  Co.K, 11 ME.  Died 8 Dec., 1862. Originally buried at Mackey's Farm, Stafford (ROH).

(1121) Atwood, Charles R.  Private.  Co.I, 2 MI.  Enlisted 24 March, 1864 at Kalamazoo for three years.  Age-36. Mustered in 24 March, 1864.  Joined regiment April, 1864. Died 8 May, 1864, of wounds received at Wilderness (SR). Originally buried at Wilderness Battlefield, Spotsylvania (ROH).

(4099) Aule, David (Agt.Gen., “Auld”). Private. Co. A, 3 PA Cav. Killed at New Hope Church (REG), Mine Run 27 Nov., 1863. Originally buried at Wilderness Battlefield, Spotsylvania  (ROH).

(4168) Austin, Benjamin K.  Private.  Co.A, 7 RI.  Res: Hopkinton. Enlisted Aug. 7, 1862  or Aug. 11, 1862 and mustered in Sept. 4, 1862.  Killed in action near Spotsylvania Court House May 12, 1864.  Originally buried at Beverly's Farm,          Spotsylvania (ROH).

(1340) Avery, James T.  Private.  Co.I, 17 MI.  Res-Adrian. Enlisted 4 June, 1862 as Corporal for three years.  Age-19.  Mustered 19 Aug., 1862.  Wounded and in hospital at Knoxville, TN April, 1864.  As Sergeant, killed 12 May, 1864 at Spotsylvania (SR).  Originally buried at Beverly farm at Spotsylvania (ROH).

(4797) Axtel (ROH has Axtell), William O.  Private.  Co.A, 26 NJ. Died 26 Feb., 1863.  Originally buried at Ball's Farm, Spotsylvania (ROH).

(6041) Ayers, George W. (SR has Ayres)  Private.  Co.K, 1 NJ Cav. Died 5 Jan., 1863.  Originally buried at White Oak  Church, Stafford (ROH).