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(1196) Ihle, Samuel. (SR has Ohle)  Private.  Co.F, 60 OH.  Age-18.  Mustered in 29 Feb., 1864 for three years.  Killed 9 May, 1864 in Battle of Mary's Bridge at Ni River (SR). Originally buried at Beverly's Farm, Spotsylvania (ROH).

(1698) Ingram, Charles. Private.  Co.H, 16 CT. (ROH has 10 CT) Res.-Bolton.  Mustered in 23 Aug., 1862.  Died 18 Dec., 1862 at Falmouth (SR).  Originally buried at Phillips's Farm, Stafford (ROH).

(1375) Irvin, Daniel. Private.  Co.G, 34 PA.  Mustered in 21 June, 1861 for three years.  Killed 10 May, 1864 at Spotsylvania Court House (SR).  Originally buried at Couse's Farm, Spotsylvania (ROH).