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(3704) Valentine, Henry C. Lieutenant. Co.I, 49 NY. Age 25. Enlisted 26 Aug, 1861 at Jamestown for three years. Mustered in as a Private Co.K, 18 Sept, 1861.  Promoted to Sergeant 31 Mar, 1862, and to Sergeant Major 1 Nov, 1862. Mustered in as First Lieutenant, Co.I, 1 Mar, 1863. Killed in action 6 May, 1864 at the Wilderness (SR). Originally buried at Wilderness Battlefield, Spotsylvania (ROH).

(5875) Valentine, John. Private. 103 PA. Originally buried at Douglas's Farm, Stafford (ROH).

(4929) Valentine, William. Private. Co.B, 124 NY. Age 32. Enlisted 4 Aug, 1862 at Goshen for three years.  Mustered in as a Corporal 5 Sept, 1862.  Promoted to Sergeant prior to 10 Apr, 1863.  Wounded in action 3 May, 1863 at Chancellorsville (SR).  Admitted 15 May, 1863 to Whipples Div. Hospital with a wound in the left knee. Died of his wounds 29 May, 1863 (HR). Originally buried at Douglas's Farm, Stafford (ROH).

(1927) Vammeter, Charles (FVC has Vammite, C.P.). Sergeant. Co.B, 2 U.S. Cav.  Age 19.  Occ: Farmer.  Born: Salem, NJ.  Enlisted 27 Oct, 1862 at Alexandria, VA for three years. Died 18 May, 1864 of wounds received at Fredericksburg (NARA). FVC has date of death as 1862.  This is probably correct. Originally buried at Holmes's Brickyard, Fredericksburg (ROH).

(224) Vanarsdale, William (SR has Van Arsdale). Private. Co.D, 42 PA.  Mustered in 29 May, 1861.  Killed in action at the Wilderness 6 May (FVC has May 8), 1864 (SR).  Originally buried at Aldridge's Farm, Spotsylvania (ROH).

(1619) Vance, John. Private. Co.G, 1 CA. Enlisted 15 Apr, 1861 for three years. Reported died in hospital 19 Jan, 1863 at camp near Falmouth of chronic diarrhea. Also listed as killed by confederate bullet at the Battle of Gettysburg Jul, 1863.  Co.G, 1 CA vols. later became 71 PA (NARA). Originally buried at Falmouth, Stafford (ROH).

(264) Vandermark, John. Private. Co.C, 5 NY Cav. Age 23. Enlisted and mustered in 6 Feb, 1864 at Nichols for three years. Killed in action 21 May, 1864 at Milford Station, Caroline Co. (SR).  Not in ROH.

(6656) VanDeusen, C. Sergeant. Co.E, 4 NY Cav. Age 21. Enlisted 28 Jul, 1862 at Troy for three years.  Mustered in as a Private Co.F, 1 NYMR 29 Jul., 1862.  Transferred to Co.E (no date).  Captured near Williamsburg 8 Nov., 1863. Released 27 Dec., 1863.  Returned 27 Jul., 1864. Re-enlisted 1 Sept., 1864 and was appointed Corporal 23 Dec., 1864. Promoted to Sergeant 12 Jan, 1865.  Designation of regiment changed to 4th Provisional Cavalry 6 Sept., 1865 (SR).  Died 19 Oct., 1908.  Not in ROH.

(3443) Vandusen, Charles A.  Private. Co.D, 64 NY. Age 21. Enlisted 1 Oct., 1861 at Rushford for three years and mustered in 5 Oct., 1861.  Wounded in action 13 Dec., 1862 at Fredericksburg.  Promoted to Corporal 31 Oct., 1863. Killed in action 12 May, 1864 near Spotsylvania (SR). Originally buried at McCool's Farm, Spotsylvania (ROH).

(4013) Vandusen, Cornelius. Private. Co.E, 20 IN. Enlisted for three years.  Killed 23 May, 1864 at North Anna River (SR).  Originally buried at Thomas Chandler's Farm, North Anna River (ROH).

(5988) Van Dyke, D. Wilson. Private. Co.F, 137 PA. Mustered 2 Sept., 1862.  Died at Aquia Creek 9 Dec., 1862 (SR). Originally buried at Marlboro Point, Stafford (ROH).

Vaugh, Joseph.  (see Voughd, James)

(2828) Vaughan, Augustus W. Private. Co.D, 64 NY. Age 24. Enlisted 14 Oct., 1861 at Rushford for three years and mustered in 19 Oct., 1861.  Died of disease 18 Dec., 1862 at Falmouth (SR). Originally buried at O'Bannon's Farm, Stafford (ROH).

Vaughan, Charles E. (see Vaughn, C.E.)

Vaughan, John H.   (see Vaughn, J.H.)

(2084) Vaughn, Charles. Private. Co.K, 86 NY. Age 22. Enlisted 16 Aug., 1861 at Woodhull for three years and mustered in 13 Dec., 1861.  Died of disease 14 Feb., 1863 at Falmouth (SR). Originally buried at Primmer's Farm, Stafford (ROH).

(310) Vaughn, Charles E. Private. Co.C, 32 MA. Age 18. Occ: Farmer. Res: Salem. Enlisted and mustered 15 Nov., 1861. Reenlisted 1 Jan., 1864. Died 13 May, 1864 of wounds recieved 12 May, 1864 at Laurel Hill (SR). Originally buried at Laurel Hill, Spotsylvania (ROH).

(4793) Vaughn, John H. Jr.  Private. Co.C, 6 VT. Age 21. Res: Pomfret. Enlisted 12 Aug, 1862 and mustered in 30 Dec., 1862.  Died 3 Jan. (FVC has Jan 9), 1863 of disease (SR). Originally buried at Ball's Farm, Stafford (ROH).

(1895) Veach, Hezeziah (SR has Hezekiah). Private. Co.G, 25 NJ. Enlisted 2 Sept., 1862 for nine months and mustered in 26 Sept., 1862. Died of Typhoid Fever at a regimental hospital camp near Falmouth (SR). Originally buried at Phillip's Farm, Stafford (ROH).

(5893) Veazie, E.B.  Private. Co.F, 10 ME. Died 17 May, 1863. Admitted to hospital 27 Apr., 1863 with architis and pneumonia.  Originally buried at Hedgeman's Farm, Stafford (ROH).

(4712) Venable, Charles H.  Corporal.  Co.B, 23 NJ.  Enlisted 25 Aug., 1862  for nine months and mustered in 13 Sept., 1862. Died of disease at White Oak Church 18 Feb., 1863 (SR). Not in ROH.

Vetz, Henry.  (see Wetzel)

(2460) Vevena, E.  Private.  2 IN.  Died May 1864.  Originally buried at McCoull's Farm, Spotsylvania (ROH).

(6001) Vinecomb, William.  Private.  Co.D, 32 MA.  Age 26.  Occ: Carpenter.  Res: Gloucester.  Enlisted and mustered  19 Nov., 1861.  Admittted to 1st Div. 5th Corps Hospital near Aquia Creek 27 Apr., 1863.  Died of disease 6 May, 1863 (SR and HR).  Originally buried at Arnold's Farm, Stafford (ROH).

(1628) VonApel, August.  Lieutenant.  7 NY.  Age 31.  Enlisted 13 Nov., 1861 at New York City for two years.  Mustered in as a Private, Co.I, 13 Nov., 1863.  Commissioned Second Lieutenant, Co.K, 13 Oct., 1862 with rank from 28 Sept., 1862.  Died of wounds recieved at Fredericksburg 13 Dec (FVC has Dec 11), 1862 (SR).  Originally buried at Phillip's Farm, Stafford (ROH).

(3672) Vorhees, William B.  Private.  Co.B, 1 NJ.  Enlisted 25 Apr., 1861 for three years and mustered in 21 May, 1861. Killed in action at Spotsylvania Court House 12 May, 1864 (SR).  Originally buried at McCoull's Farm, Spotsylvania (ROH).

(3892) Voren, ____.  Private.  Co.G, 1 NY Militia Regt.  Died Jun. 1864.  Originally buried at Potter's Field, Fredericksburg (ROH).

(1012) Voughd, James (Reg has Vaugh, Joseph, Bates has Vaughn, Joseph).  Private.  Co.E, 61 PA.  Mustered in 13 Jul., 1863 for three years.  Died at Fredericksburg 26 May, 1864 of wounds received in action (SR). Originally buried at Port Royal, Caroline Co. (ROH).

(239) Vreeland, Orlando (ROH has Van Risey).  Corporal.  Co.K, 6 NY Art.  Age 18.  Enlisted 14 Aug., 1862 at West Farms for three years.  Mustered in as a Private 2 Sept., 1862. Promoted Corporal (no date).  Killed in action 19 May, 1864 at Spotsylvania (SR).  Originally buried at Harris's Farm, Spotsylvania (ROH).