Stop 3: Otis Pinkham

Pinkham Grave

Grave of Otis Pinkham.

Grave #5144

Otis Pinkham died days after the Battle of Chancellorsville, but was not a casualty of the battle.  The 18 year old member of the 33rd Massachusetts fell ill at Brooks Station and entered a Division Hospital on April 27, dying of chronic diarrhea on May 15, 1863.  Capt. James Chipman of Co. D, wrote Pinkham’s parents about his death saying he planned on marking the grave with a tablet so the remains could be located later if they wished, and sought to make arrangements for sending his effects.  He also wrote to comfort the grieving parents:

I am very happy to inform you that your son was a promising young man and an excellent soldier and was beloved by his officers and comrades, and whether he died on the battlefield or in camp, his friends can have the satisfaction of knowing that he died an honorable death and was doing his humble part towards restoring the Union to its former position.